Inspection Equipment

The Paint Inspection Kit offers the industrial painter all the essential equipment needed for the testing of blast-cleaned steel prior to the protective coating application.

When steel has been blast-cleaned to a surface preparation of Sa 2½, the inspection of the steel to ISO Standards is required.

This ISO Standard compliance ensures that blast-cleaned steel is correctly prepared for the application of protective coatings.

Poor preparation of blast-cleaned steel could result in corrosion of the steel and poor adhesion of the protective coating, resulting in coating failure.

Prevention of corrosion on steel is essential to ensure the long life and low maintenance of steel assets and the reduction of shutdown for expensive maintenance work.

The equipment supplied in the Paint Inspection Kit will enable on-site testing for all five stages of blast-cleaned steel and coating inspection in the following stages:

STAGE 1 (ISO 8503-5). Surface Profile measurement of the blasted profile.

STAGE 2 (ISO 8502-6, ISO 8502-9). Surface Cleanliness testing for water-soluble salts and corrosion products.

STAGE 3 (ISO 8502-3). Surface Cleanliness assessment for the quantity and size of dust particles.

STAGE 4 (ISO 8503-5). Climatic Conditions for the estimation of the probability of condensation.

STAGE 5 (ISO 2808, ISO 19840). Coating Thickness measurement to ensure the correct coating thickness has been applied.


The Calibration Certificates with traceability to UKAS are an optional extra.

The Certificates are supplied as hard copy and are available online through the Calibration Portal (under Browse Categories) on our website.

The Calibration Portal lists all your equipment calibrated by Paint Test Equipment, showing the renewal dates and enabling Calibration Certificates to be viewed at any time.