Hydraseal 530BS

Polysulphide Mastic

Hydraseal 530BS is a multi-component, low modulus, chemical cure polysulphide joint sealant developed specially for dynamic joints. It is based on a liquid  polysulphide polymer which when mixed with the hardener, cures to form a tough rubber like seal. Hydraseal 530BS exhibits excellent adhesion to most surfaces and has good resistance to most chemicals and weathering conditions.

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Hydracrete 530LV

Low Viscosity Epoxy Primer

Hydracrete 530LV is a two component, low viscosity, solvent free epoxy primer. It is suitable for dense substrate where maximum primer penetration is required.

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Resist 711AF

High Performance Methyacrylate Anti-Fungus

The Resist 711AF system comprises of a silane-siloxane primer and a single component pigmented coating.

Resist 711AF Primer is a clear liquid silane-siloxane dissolved in a penetrating organic carrier. The primer is chemically-bound hydrophobic barrier.

Resist 711AF is a methyacrylate, solvent based protective coating, with outstanding resistance to aggressive elements, fungus, algae, UV light and rain.

Resist 711AF has been tested in accordance to BS EN 1062-6 on Determination of Carbon Dioxide Permeability; BS EN ISO 7783-1 on Determination of Water Vapor Transmission; BS EN 13396 on Determination of Chloride Ion Ingress and complied with the specification in this data sheet.

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Protec Putty 297

High Strength Epoxy Putty for Civil Engineering Works

Protec Putty 297 is two parts epoxy putty, based on a combination of resin and curing compound. It is a polyamide cured epoxy system, which sets even under water.

Protec Putty 297 has been tested by SIRIM BHD in accordance to BS 6319, on Compressive Strength Test, BS 5350 Part C15:1990, on Determination of Bond Strength in Compressive Shear, Pull-Out Test, and complied with the specification in this data sheet.

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